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Virginia Vascular Society
Guidelines for Membership Application

Individuals seeking active membership in the Virginia Vascular Society must meet the following criteria:

1. Board Certification by one or more of the Following Boards:
    a. American Board of Surgery (General Surgery or Vascular Surgery)
    b. American Board of Radiology
    c. American Board of Interventional Cardiology.
2. In the active practice of Vascular or Endovascular procedures in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
3. In the active practice of Vascular/Endovascular procedures for at least 1 year.
4. Present documentation of all major Vascular/Endovascular procedures in the prior twelve months.

1. Candidate should complete all appropriate attached items and sign application.
2. Present documentation of all major vascular procedures performed in the prior twelve months.
3. Applicant must be sponsored by an active member of the society and provide a letter from two other active or founder members of the Society endorsing applicant’s ethics and competence.
4. The completed application (including caseload, CV, letters of sponsorship) should be forwarded to:

Virginia Vascular Society
P O Box 7014
Charlottesville, VA 22906

Fax Number: 434-244-7588 – Attn. Lorna Williams
Email: lhw4n@virginia.edu  

5. The deadline for receipt of membership applications is August 30th of each year. Only completed applications will be considered by the membership committee.