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The Virginia Vascular Society, founded in 1985, is composed of vascular surgeons and physicians of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The annual meeting each fall provides a forum to present and discuss topics related to vascular disease.  An invited guest speaker is the highlight of the meeting as this provides an opportuity to become acquainted with an expert within our specialty. Corporate medical sponsors are an essential element of the meeting through the demonstration of state-of-the-art products, services, devices and medicines. The afternoon sports and evening dinner events foster relationships that endure for a career.

The Mission of the Virginia Vascular Society is to provide a forum by which physicians within the Commonwealth of Virginia caring for patients with vascular disease can meet and exchange information and ideas. This forum will encompass scientific talks and discussions given by members and/or invited speakers who are experts in the field of vascular surgery. The ultimate goal is to allow these physicians to provide better care to these patients.